Palau Northern Reefs

In the past twenty years, we have lost over half of the world’s intact tropical rainforests. Half of our wetlands reefs have been destroyed, with most of the remaining reefs under immediate threat. For many countries, IUCN World Heritage Sites and national parks are the last bastions of protection for these vital habitats.

Illegal logging, land clearing, mining and wildlife poaching are decimating national parks, especially in developing countries where the resources to enforce conservation legislation are scarce. Without funding, many national parks in developing countries will be destroyed before they can be enjoyed by both domestic and international visitors.

Without protection, we will be losing not only the awe-inspiring beauty and biodiversity of national parks, but also the ecosystem services that they provide, like clean water, carbon storage, and clean air. That’s why we are committed to Global Park Defense.

Illegal land clearing in the Leuser Ecosystem, Indonesia

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