These efforts are being led by Francisco Asturias, Director of FundaEco and the Mirador Park Rangers. In the past two years, Asturias and his team have achieved the following:

Mirador Patrols: Over 42,871 km patrolled in the past 18 months (average of 2,382 km per month).

International Patrols: In collaboration with Mexican authorities, Mirador Rangers and Eco- Guards patrolled with Guatemalan Army and Police, closing down a major illegal logging syndicate working inside Mirador National Park.

Arrests and Citations: 62 crimes have been identified and arrests made in 52 cases over the 12 months. Twenty-two loggers were captured, and their equipment and a truck were seized.

Ranger Training: Both on-the-job and classroom training was conducted. Further, two Mirador rangers attended a two-week park management training at Colorado State University.