We are proud of our governance and effective direct funding of Global Park Defense for park and wildlife protection in World Heritage Sites and national parks in developing countries. Our Board of Directors meets regularly to assure strong governance, financial accountability and strategic direction, in conjunction with our Senior Advisory Board which works in a technical and scientific advisory capacity.
Jeff Morgan
Executive Director
Jeff Morgan founded Global Conservation to directly assist endangered UNESCO World Heritage and National Parks to achieve 'No Kill, No Cut' protection in the face of accelerating wildlife poaching, illegal logging, mining and encroachment.Global Conservation directly funds Global Park Defense programs for UNESCO and national parks deploying critically needed protection systems, technology and training....
Max Villalobos
Advisor for Central America
Max's educational background is in management of natural resources. His expertise in biodiversity conservation, protected area management, agroforestry and ecosystems restoration has been developed over almost twenty years working with communities, farmers and indigenous people.
Margoth Quispe
Director, South America
Ms. Margoth Quispe is a trained attorney well-known in Peru for her effective work representing indigenous communities of the Amazon and nature conservation to protect rainforests and wildlife. She holds a law degree focused on Indigenous Rights and undergraduate degree from Lima.
Oliver Fankem
Director for Central Africa
Oliver Fankem is a conservation biologist from Cameroon and our new Director for Central Africa. Oliver’s dedication to conservation began in his childhood, when he spent most of his days exploring for “forest snacks” and fishing. He was in awe of a TV program called “Splendeur Sauvage” and of videos from Jacques Cousteau’s marine expeditions.
Alejandro González
Director for Mexico
Alejandro is an oceanologist and former director & manager of UNESCO Marine World Heritage Sites in the Gulf of California, and our new Director for Mexico. Alejandro is a dedicated oceanologist and former MPA Director with fourteen years of solid experience, knowledge and skills in marine and coastal ecosystem conservation.
Mustafa Gönen
Director of Europe and Central Asia
Mustafa Gönen is a trained urban planner with more than twenty-five years of experience in urban planning and management. He worked with Global Heritage Fund as the Director of the Turkey Heritage Program for almost twenty years, where he led Kars, Göbeklitepe and Sagalassos cultural heritage preservation projects and numerous investigations in Turkey, Kosovo, Armenia, and Greece.
Joshua Asel
Editor - Manager
Joshua is an award-winning wildlife conservation photographer and certified Marine Ecology Naturalist with a photographic emphasis on coastal/marine habitats, birds of prey, and Threatened/Endangered species. He's part of the Emerging League with the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), founded The Nature Expanse Initiative, is on the Board of Directors at the Bird Rescue Center, is on the Ethics Committee for the North American Nature Photography Association, is sponsored by Think Tank Photo, and is an Affiliate for Casio G-Shock Watches. Joshua has also appeared on multiple judging panels, advised on mountain lion safety for land trusts, and acted as a consultant and principal photographer to help establish a new redwood forest preserve in Healdsburg, California.

His awards include the 2016 California Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Top 20 in the 2019 NANPA (North American) Showcase, among many others. Joshua’s publications include Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic, Defenders of Wildlife, Whalebone Magazine, The New York Times, Hakai Magazine, Alaska Airlines Magazine, The Press Democrat, NANPA Expressions, and several scholarly articles, among others.
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