Board of Directors

Board of Directors
We are proud of our governance and effective direct funding Global Park Defense for park and wildlife protection in World Heritage and national parks in developing countries. Our Board of Directors meets regularly to assure strong governance, financial accountability and strategic direction, in conjunction with our Senior Advisory Board which works in a technical and scientific advisory capacity.
Jeff Morgan
Executive Director
Jeff Morgan founded Global Conservation to directly assist endangered UNESCO World Heritage and National Parks to achieve 'No Kill, No Cut' protection in the face of accelerating wildlife poaching, illegal logging, mining and encroachment.Global Conservation directly funds Global Park Defense programs for UNESCO and national parks deploying critically needed protection systems, technology and training....
Evelin Weber
Executive Director, Malibu Foundation
Evelin Weber is Malibu Foundation’s Executive Director and co-founder. She is also the founder of, an A.I. company that brings financial access to the poor, and is the founder of The Philippines Foundation. Prior to her philanthropic work, Evelin worked in Investment banking in New York, London, Africa, and Latin America.
Firth Griffith
Founder, the Global Sustainability Initiative
Global investor and strategist. Co-founded two top decile performing cross border technology venture funds in the US; the first strategic PE Fund in post-Mao era China; a China policy think tank consolidating industry intelligence and public-sector inputs to support China’s Five-Year Planning and multilateral cross cutting policy-related initiatives; and a multilateral sustainability initiative, anchored by China, to address global problems related to digital transformation, trade facilitation, supply chain connectivity, sustainability and climate change. He is a graduate of Harvard University and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Michael Sutton
Executive Director, Goldman Environmental Foundation
Michael Sutton is a veteran environmental leader with more than 30 years of experience managing nonprofit organizations, influencing public policy, advocating for natural resources, and guiding successful philanthropic efforts. His distinguished career has ranged from work with the National Park Service to senior conservation roles at the World Wildlife Fund, the David & Lucile
Michael Finley
President Emeritus, Turner Foundation
In 2001, Michael (Mike) Finley announced that he was leaving his position as Yellowstone National Park Superintendent to take up the post of Turner Foundation president. Under his leadership, the foundation is recognized as one of the most accessible funders in the conservation field. In one year alone, the Turner Foundation awarded 132 environment grants in total,
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