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Today, World Heritage Sites and national parks are becoming our last bastions of defense against the decimation of wildlife and primary forests. Global Conservation is the only nature conservation group who's sole mission is the direct funding of park protection systems for saving our most important and endangered world heritage and national parks in developing countries.

We are highly selective in choosing the projects that we support. In order for us to implement Global Park Defense, the site must meet the following criteria:

1. Be an endangered national park or UNESCO World Heritage Site in a developing country
2. Contain critical habitat for megafauna with intact, primary ecosystems
3. Have a highly motivated and well-staffed park authority, possibly with collaboration from proven local NGOs
4. Have a park authority willing to commit to the Global Park Defense goal of “No Cut, No Kill”, and be willing to fund park border demarcation and communications towers
5. Show excellent potential for sustainable tourism to support permanent protection
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